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Corley Family Napa Valley


Since 1980, the Corley family has been hard at work crafting world-class wines from our vineyards. The majority of the wine we produce is from our home estate. We consider our Monticello Vineyards designated wines to be distinctive representations of the Napa Valley. These wines are styled to be rich and full bodied yet well-balanced and elegant.

We are fortunate to farm five estate vineyards in the Napa Valley. Each vineyard is unique and offers distinguishing characteristics that shows in our CORLEY wines. These wines represent the true nature of our estate vineyards, identifying the wine as ours, as 

proprietary. We capture these propriety characteristics in special bottlings of Single Vineyard, Clone Selection, and Block Specific wines.

In years when we find individual lots of our grapes to be particularly exceptional, we produce CORLEY wines. These wines represent the very finest expression of the Napa Valley. These wines are only produced in years when the quality is especially exceedingly exceptional and age-worthy.


Corley Family Napa Valley - Monticello Vineyard


Our Estate Grown Chardonnays offer bright full intensity aromatics featuring lemon, citrus, and tropical notes, along with the influence of toasty, spicy new French oak. The flavors follow similarly and lead you to think of bright lemon cream, or lemon meringue pie, because of the richness in the wine. The wines are typically medium full-bodied and beautifully textured but with appropriate acidity to maintain liveliness and vibrancy. Our Chardonnays are suitably layered with complex apple, pear, stone and tropical fruit flavors resulting from the diversity of chardonnay clones we grow.


Our Estate Grown Pinot Noirs' shows red-berry aromatics, including raspberry and strawberry and perhaps a hint of ginger, clove and vanilla. The flavors follow with a purity of raspberry and overtones of strawberry and cherry. The texture is typically rich and with an elegant finish that resonates with berry and spice. The bright fruit and toasty sweet oak are balanced by soft tannins.


Our Estate Grown Merlots display intense aromat-ics of blueberries, red berries, and black fruits, and roasted nuts along with toasted oak. Medium to full-bodied, it shows a luxurious richness of sweet red-berry fruit flavors with moderate tannin levels. The bright fruit is accompanied by a suppleness that shows in the mouth-feel of the final wine and finishes smooth and long.


Typically luscious, richly textured and elegant our Jefferson Cuvee is full-bodied ready to drink wines that have great aging potential. The cuvee is clearly cabernet sauvignon based but blended with a combination of Merlot and Cabernet Franc and occasionally Syrah to enhance the approachability of the wine.

Aromatics of red and black berry, plum and cassis with hints of nutmeg and toasty vanilla. The flavors follow with dark berries, herbs and spice and the hints of vanilla carry through to the palate. The wine is full-bodied, nicely balanced and rich, with a long, supple finish.


Our Cabernet Franc offers aromatics of spice, cloves and anise. The flavors follow berry, currant and a little jam. The wine typically has a weighty attack and is medium to full bodied. The tannins are well integrated and well balanced into the fruit and weight of the wine.

Cabernet Franc has been the predominant varietal in all but one of our highly acclaimed CORLEY Proprietary Red Wines and we consider it extremely important to the success of that wine.

Our Cabernet Franc is traditionally 100%, support-ing our belief that this varietal is not just a great wine to blend, but is to be taken seriously as a stand-alone wine.


Estate Grown Syrah starts out with an impressive peppery aroma, which opens up to spicy, gamey, plum sauce and brambly-berry aromas. There are nice hints of sweet vanilla and mocha coming from the oak. It is deep ruby in color, which is typical for our Syrah. The wine itself is very full in body, and the spicy component carries over to the flavors, which are full of dark berry fruits with dark chocolate undercurrents. The finish is long, and the medium-strength tannins frame this voluptuous wine wonderfully. Traditionally 100% Syrah. 




For many years, the Corley family has been hard at work growing estate grapes and producing the world-class wines of Monticello Vineyards in Napa Valley. Our Corley Reserve Estate Grown Chardonnay wines are unhurried examples of a great lineage of very limited production wines and represent a selection of the finest grapes grown on the estate owned vineyards.

All our wines are subject to the very highest and most demanding standards of winemaking and the Corley Family only offers its name for the Corley Reserve designation on Monticello Vineyards’ wines in vintages when the quality of the wine is deemed exceedingly exceptional and age worthy.

Our CORLEY RESERVE Estate Grown Chardonnay offer bright full intensity aromatics featuring lemon, citrus, and tropical notes, caramel and toasty, spicy new French oak. The flavors follow similarly and lead you to think of crème brulee, lemon cream or lemon meringue pie with a graham cracker crust. The wine is full bodied and richly textured layers of complexity and a compelling nature.


Our CORLEY Proprietary Red Wine is a rich and opulent blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot displaying the full, rich, deep, dark concentrated flavors of Cabernet Sauvignon with the body and spiciness of Cabernet Franc and the fruit and suppleness of Merlot. A dose of Syrah adds additional depth and attractive black pepper aromatics. Our CORLEY Proprietary Red Wine has sensuous aromas of ripe red berry and black fruits and spice. The wine is supple with a generous velvety texture on the palate with layers of berry and black fruit flavors and compel-ling cocoa, anise and sweet vanillin oak flavors. The finish is elegant, richly textured, long and lingering.

Freedom at last. Our Proprietary Red Wine allows us to source the best the vintage offers us from each of our vineyards and most of our plantings.


Our Flagship wine is our CORLEY RESERVE Caber-net Sauvignon. Utilizing the strengths of each of our cabernet sauvignon vineyards in Rutherford, Yountville and St Helena give us the luxury of three of Napa Valley's premier Cabernet Sauvignon growing areas. to produce full, rich and complex Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

Typically luscious, powerful and richly textured our CORLEY RESERVE is full-bodied and while ready to drink is also a wine to lay down for the years to come.

Aromatics of juicy red fruits, toasty sweet oak and hints of vanilla. Flavors follow similarly, most notably rich berry pie as the wine opens up. This wine once again shows nice consistency and balance throughout the entire experience – from the aromatics through to the finish. The mouth-feel is rich in texture and the finish sails on framed by firm but velvety tannins, one of the hallmarks of our wine.


Our STATE LANE VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon has an intriguing juxtaposition of somewhat bright and lively aromas which are based on darker berry fruits. Well-integrated toasty and vanilla oak aromas mingle in as well. The texture of this wine is rich and full. True to the form for our State Lane Vineyard, the wine is a blockbuster with firm but rich tannins that frame the wine and give it definition. The appealing finish is rich in black fruit and very long.


Our TIETJEN VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon is fragrant with Red berries, slightly spicy notes, hints of nutmeg and vanilla; flavors of Dark berries, herbs and spice, hints of vanilla carry through to the palate; and the mouthfeel is very nicely balanced - rich, yet has a nice thread of acidity to maintain balance and tension. It has been a classic since our 1st single vineyard bottling in 1989!


The YEWELL VINEYARD shows off the tremendous intensity of cabernet sauvignon from this vineyard. The wine is a full, rich, and complete, boasting a complex range of red and dark fruits, the wine also shows roasted nuts, coffee and toasty oak. This full bodied wine should age effortlessly for many years to come. The Corley family has worked very closely and collaboratively with the Yewell family to create a stunning wine.

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